More Predictions for the Cruise Industry - Part IV - Where Will Cruising Resume From? What Itineraies will be Opened First and Why?

Future Cruise Predictions - Where will cruises originate from? What will be the preferred ports of Call? and Why? Cruises from New York to Where?
Future Cruise Predictions - Where will cruises originate from? What will be the preferred ports of Call? and Why?

Since cruise lines will be asked to take added measures to ensure that ships are sterilized and kept virus free on a continual basis, the cruise lines are taking actions in order to illuminate any potential bad press as well as media attention. 

Cruise lines are working on proactively managing the health of passengers throughout the cruise, requiring the crew to wear protective face gear, reducing the availability of buffets, having crew members place food on passengers plates, sterilization of the public areas, fogging of the cruise passenger cabins, and increased medical staff. In addition many cruise lines are limiting their capacity by 50% allowing for social distancing. This is being done to instill passenger confidence in the cruise industry again.

It is expected that the cruise lines will sail from ports which are within driving range of a large potential cruise passengers. Examples are Miami / Port Everglades. Port Canaveral, Galveston, New York, San Diego / Los Angeles / San Francisco.

With the start of cruising now expected to begin in November 2020, I expect to see a pattern of cruise lines sailing from specific ports to specific ports of call. For example, I expect to see a large number of sailings from Florida to the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and private islands. These port are within overnight sailing distance from the embarkation port.

For the New York New Jersey region, when cruising starts up again, in the spring of 2021 (most likely), cruises to New England / Canada and  Bermuda will probably be the main destinations of the cruise lines. Cruise lines will most likely offer cruises of shorter duration in the 4 to 7 day range as well as very port intensive itineraries. This will help to limit the amount of time cruise passengers are in close proximity of each other. The cruise lines will be limiting the amount of time the passenger spend aboard the ship and will work to get them on shore more often and for longer durations in order to lower the risk of exposure.

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