Bar Harbor Says No Thanks to 2020 Small Ship Cruise Passengers.

American Cruise Line denies 2020 small ship cruises from calling at Bar Harbor for the remainder of 2020.
City of Bar Harbor Denies Small Ship Cruise Calls For The Remainder of 2020.

Bar Harbor has said "NO THANKS" to all cruise passengers to the Maine city in 2020. This announcement came as a complete surprise to American Cruise Line which was expecting the approval of the town council.

The Cruise line's 20 page presentation covered everything from pre-cruise, post-cruise, on board and land-side precautions - all expected to be implemented to stop / restrict the spread of the coronavirus.

The small ship cruise line - American Cruise Line is exempt from many of the other restrictions in place because of their ship's low capacity - carrying 200 passengers or less with most ships carrying around 100 passengers. In addition, American Cruise Lines' ships are US registered and the crew are  United States citizens which make the cruise line exempt from the Jones Act Restrictions - which requires foreign flag ships to call at a foreign port during every cruise.

The Bar Harbor restrictions are expected to be in place for the remainder of 2020.


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