A Quick Look At Carnival Corporations State of the Art Fleet Operation Center (FOC).

Carnival shows off cutting-edge Fleet Operations Center in Miami ...
Carnival Maritime's State of the Art Fleet Operations Center - Ship tracking, efficiency, data collection and analysis

Health, environment, safety and security (HESS) is paramount to our business and our Fleet Operations Centers (FOC) are an essential component of our HESS strategy. A first in the cruise industry, our FOCs are designed to assist our captains, chief engineers, and deck and engineering officers with support, control and planning of ship nautical and technical operations. We have three regional FOCs in operation. The first FOC was opened in Hamburg, Germany in 2015, the second was opened in Seattle, U.S. in 2016 and the third was opened in Miami, U.S. in 2018. These centers provide real-time support for our fleet of ships.

The Miami FOC, opened in May of 2018, is the largest and most technologically advanced in the cruise industry. The 35,000-square-foot facility was custom-designed, and it is anchored by a 74-foot-long video wall composed of 57 LED screens. The high-definition wall displays the status of all ships, including weather, itinerary updates, safety, engine and environmental updates. Additionally, the status of ports, ships logistics, guest operations and a host of other functions are monitored. The FOC supports the work of cross-functional teams, including technical, nautical, port and guest operations, environmental operations and compliance, occupational safety, technical services, and other key areas.

Carnival Corporation’s FOCs are staffed 24 hours a day, allowing for communications between the ship and shore whenever needed, and providing immediate and continuous support to our ships. The FOCs feature custom-built tools such as the proprietary software application Neptune. This state-of-the-art tracking and data analysis platform was created for Carnival Corporation & plc to support its fleet of ships. Neptune helps make cruising more safe, efficient and sustainable. It specifically provides real-time information sharing between ships and shoreside teams who are trained to support fleet operations.
The system provides new capabilities for enhancing the safe passage of ships at sea while improving operational efficiencies and supporting overall environmental initiatives. The system also manages risks by providing the company with visual representations of ship movements and voyage plans, real-time navigational notifications, integrated weather data and traffic as well as port information.
Neptune continuously captures thousands of data points and provides real-time analytics of distinct parameters supporting ship-level navigational safety and focuses on the following strategic areas to optimize safety, environmental operations and overall fleet performance:

Nautical Safety
  • Neptune constantly monitors the ships and tracks their position, speed and direction. The platform also provides visual routing and information on the traffic and weather at the ships’ location.
  • As Neptune sends real-time notifications in case a vessel deviates from defined standards, the Fleet Operations Center can provide immediate support.
  • Neptune monitors the Advanced Air Quality Systems and their emissions, as well as the system usage in controlled areas. Neptune reports any deviation from targeted values.
Energy Management
  • For each ship, Neptune collects and downloads almost two million data points daily. The data is used for immediate and subsequent analyses to identify trends and optimize forecast models. It supports operations to improve fleet engine performance and optimizes resources.
Carnival Corporation’s commitment to raising the bar on HESS has already generated several major enhancements, including its world-class CSMART Academy training facility where its deck and technical officers receive the industry’s most progressive training using state-of-the-art simulators.

Carnival Corporation is taking its commitment to the next level with its Neptune support system and cutting-edge FOCs that enable the company to support HESS using real-time data in ways that have never been done in the cruising and commercial maritime industries. Together, its HESS training programs and innovative technological capabilities like Neptune add even more strength to its comprehensive approach to operational excellence as the number one priority for Carnival Corporation.


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