Canada Expands Cruise Restrictions To October 31, 2020 - Severely Impacting New England. Canada amd Alaska Sailings

Canada Extends Cruise Restrictions to October 31, 2020 Impacts New England Canada Cruises and Alaska Cruise Season
Canada Extends Cruise Restrictions to October 31, 2020

Citing the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian are banning any ships with overnight accommodations  carrying more than 100 persons from operating in Canadian waters until October 31, 2020.

This move has shut virtually shut down the New England / Canada Cruises from New York and Boston as well as impacting the West Coast Alaska program as well. 

The announcement was made by the Minister of Transport, the Honorable Marc Garneau.

Cruise Lines benefiting from the announcement are America Cruise Line, Blount Adventure Cruises, Uncruise Adventures and others who utilize small  United States registered ships carrying 100 passengers or less. These ships can sail between Alaskan Ports without touching Canadian Ports.

Due to their low capacity, they are not impacted by the Canadian Restrictions.


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