Will Cruise Line Passengers Have to Wear Masks?

Will cruise passengers be required to wear masks - There will be occassions when passengers will be required to wear masks
Will Cruise Passengers be required to wear masks???

There are some rumors circulating that cruising will not return to normal any time soon. 

General consensus is that cruise passengers will NOT be required to wear masks at all times, but should do so at their own discretion. Maybe during check in and boarding procedures mask will be required  but not with most daily activities. Passengers should bring their own masks unless the cruise lines provides them at check in.

Passengers may choose to wear masks, at their own discretion, at other times. It is recommended that high risk passengers - mainly the elderly, obese, those with high blood pressure, heart surgery or blocks, etc -  wear a mask.

It is expected that all crew will be required to wear masks and protective gear (gloves, other)  to help prevent spreading any influenza among passengers.

Only time will tell what policies will be in place when cruising resumes.

It is highly recommended that cruise passengers traveling to the ship via commercial airlines -  wear a mask at all times.


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