Small Ship Cruising Changes Up New York Piers.

Small Ship Cruise Lines Embarking Passengers from Multiple NYC locations.  Pictured Grande Mariner - Blount Adventure Cruises
Small Ship Cruise Lines Embarking Passengers from Multiple NYC locations.  Pictured Grande Mariner - Blount Adventure Cruises

Although many of the larger cruise companies operating from New York get the press, there are a number of small cruise lines that offer unique itineraries from New York to coastal / inland waterway ports.

Examples of such cruise lines include: American Cruise Line and Blount Adventure Cruises.  Years ago these cruise lines utilized the Chelsea Piers as an embarkation point in the Big Apple. Due to over crowding at the Chelsea Piers, these small operators have been forced to find other piers within the port to load stores and embark / disembark passengers.

American Cruise Line has relocated to Pier 35 on the East River which used to be utilized by cargo ship lines - Netumar and North American West Africa Line (NAWAL).

Surprisingly Blount Adventure Cruises has relocated their embarkation point to Pier 81 on the North RIver. The pier is the home to what used to be World Yacht and now the North River Lobster Dinner Cruise Ship Destiny.

If you sail from New York one of these small ships, please be sure to check with the cruise line to verify the embarkation point.


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