Princess Cruises' Sea Princess Makes a Unique Visit to New York.

Princess Cruises Sea Princess Makes A One Time Call in New York as part of  her 2019 World Cruise.
Princess Cruises Sea Princess Makes A One Time Call in New York as part of  her 2019 World Cruise.

Princess Cruises' Sea Princess made a unique multi-day stay in New York on July 20th and 21st. The mid-size Sea Princess was calling at New York as part of a 107 Day around the world cruise which left Auckland, New Zealand on May 10, 2019.

The Sea Princess proceeded to make a number of calls in Australia, heading toward Singapore, Sri Lanka, the Middle East (UAE, Dubai. Oman, Jordan), through the Suez Canal to Malta, Spain, England, Holland, Latvia, Germany, England, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Canada and finally New York.

The 77,500 ton ship with a crew of 900 and 2,400 passengers visited the Big Apple during one of the hottest spells in the last decade - experiencing temperatures in the high 90's which a fell like above 100 degrees when factoring in the humidity - but the days were sunny and glorious. A grand time was had by all her Australian guests who explore the city and encountered all that New York had to offer.

The Sea Princess left New York on July 21 and sailed out of the harbor at around dusk (6-7 PM Local Time) giving passengers a front row seat to the splendor of the New York Skyline. After passing under the Veranzaro Bridge, the Sea Princess  arrived at the position to let off the pilot - just in time to encounter torrential rain. The Sea Princess actually circled the pilot  area until the storm subsided enough to let him off safely approximately 1 hour.

The Sea Princess then proceeded to Charleston, South Carolina before heading to Curacao, the Panama Canal, various ports on the West Coast of South America (Ecuador, Chile & Peru) then to Polynesia followed by a 7 day trans-Pacific crossing to Auckland, New Zealand - ending on August 25, 2019

Just as a side note: The Sea Princess was instrumental in saving sailors who had to take to rafts after their boat sank on 7/28 - just off the shore of Curacao. The Sea Princess sped some 60 nautical miles to come to the aid of the crew members clinging to life rafts. All people were safely rescued.

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