Small Ship Operator - Blount Adventure Cruises Overview.

  Today I am featuring a press release that was received by small ship operator - Blount Adventure Cruises. Blount specializes in unique, shoreline, exploration cruises Sailing through New England, Canada, the Hudson River, Erie Canal, Bahamas and Central America.

Why Blount?
We're casual. Unpretentious.
A unique cruising experience.

People who cruise with us aren't interested in luxurious suites, private balconies or the big ships. They crave a unique cruising experience, camaraderie with fellow like-minded travelers and a personalized service only a ship of our size can provide. We can almost guarantee, you have never experienced a small ship cruise like Blount.
Casual Dress
Informality is the word and there are no dress up events. Be comfortable. Pack less, experience more.
We are proud to be American built, flagged and crewed.
84 Passengers
Crowds or long lines certainly don't exist on our small ship and you will quickly get to know your fellow travelers.
Chef Prepared Meals
Passengers enjoy mouth watering seafood and meats, decadent desserts and loaves of bread made from scratch daily!
Unique Destinations
At 184' in length, our ships are just small enough to dock in marinas with the yachts, away from crowded ports.
Our passengers love this policy. They don't have any high bar tabs by the trip's end. Bring your own bottle and enjoy!
Blount's Signature Cruises
Only our vessels can take you there!
Captain Luther Blount envisioned travelers getting closer to a destination. With a zest for discovering the unusual, a passion for remaining cozily informal and a flair for creating exceptional vessels, his legacy lives on. Blount is the only overnight passenger vessel able to transit the historic Erie Canal.
Great American Waterways
NYC to Chicago / Chicago to NYC

From Chicago to New York, four stunning Great Lakes and the historic Erie Canal merge to create one amazing adventure. Witness the patented retractable pilot house lower, allowing our vessels to navigate under the lowest bridges of the Erie Canal.
Locks, Legends & Canals
NYC to Montreal / Montreal to NYC

With a special crispness in the air, the Northeast is a sight to behold, especially during fall foliage. Join Blount as we cruise the Hudson, Erie Canal and St. Lawrence River on this signature itinerary!
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