Freighter Cruises From The Port of New York.

An alternative to the 5,000 to 6,000 passenger ships, for the more adventurous is a freighter cruise. Limited to only 10 passengers, these cruises are on working ships. The itineraries are flexible, stopping and staying as long as the cargo handling dictates.  In addition, the cruise duration can fluctuate and can be extended or reduced depending on cargo demands.

These freighter cruises offer solitude for up to 10 passengers. and crew. There is no formal entertainment, you create your own entertainment, including movies, music, a good book or enjoyable conversation. There is a a dining room and guests may eat with the crew but overall the food is good but can be basic. In addition, as a passenger, you have access to the kitchen and refrigerator and are able to get yourself a snack or small meal if you like.

These freighter cruises tend to dock at cargo handling facilities and not the tourist laden cruise terminals so it may be a trek to get to the center of town.(Even in New York - Port Newark is a considerable distance from downtown New York City)

In general freighter cruises offer passengers, a great, quiet cruise experience. The opportunity to talk to the crew and meet with interesting people. Accommodations tend to be spacious and larger than a cruise ship but accommodations vary per ship. Good food and excitement about the itinerary and port stays add a new dimension to the experience. Usually the itinerary offers many days at sea so you need to bring along things to do while relaxing at seas during the day and night.  Not all freighter have a pool and deck space may be limited. There also may be a gym on board as well.

The Container-ship CMA CGM Marco Polo Offers Accommodations for up to 10 passengers
The Container-ship CMA CGM Marco Polo Offers Accommodations for up to 10 passengers

Interesting enough, I found out today that CMA-CGM Marco Polo - One of the largest container-ships in the world, offers accommodations for 10 passengers.

At one point freighter cruises were less expensive than traditional cruises, but overtime the pricing has increased to be comparable and in some cases more expensive than large cruise lines which benefit from economies of scale.

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